Quality textbooks. Quality content. Quality authors. Quality service. These are the pillars of commitment by which and for which the company exists. The entire being of the company is aimed towards total and undivided devotion to the changing needs of educators and learners, and is driven to serve the ever-changing demands of the education community as a whole.

Established in 2005, Sunshine Interlinks Publishing House, Inc. has managed to maintain a lean yet flexible organization that is customer-focused and service-oriented. The company’s management and professional team is a blend of experience and youth, with officers and staff that come from the sectors of education and business.

Sunshine has also attracted the “best and the brightest” authors and writers who are highly recognized in their fields of specialization and well respected by peers in the field of education.

Using the latest state-of-the-art technology in printing, Sunshine has somewhat set a local trend by producing textbooks with paper and print quality heretofore found only in imported books.

The company likewise has the distinction of having produced- and distributed nationwide - a complete range of titles for pre-elementary, elementary, and high school levels while still in its infancy years. Beyond mere business considerations, Sunshine adheres to the view that publishing textbooks for the education of the youth is a good social investment in building our nation, and towards realizing the dreams of our youth. Working hand in hand with our partner-school and partner-educators, the Sunshine family believes that certainly, THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT!